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Rejuvenate: A Five Element Qi Gong Exploration with Wesley Salter

  • semperviva sea studio vancouver, british columbia (map)



A Five Element Qi Gong Exploration with Wesley Salter


The Five Element flow is an in-body mindfulness practice that enables us to guide and direct energy to specific organs within the body bringing a balance & harmony to the five elements within us.


Metal • Water • Wood • Fire • Earth


Qi Gong, often referred to as ‘Taoist Yoga’ or ‘Relaxed Standing Yin Yoga’, is a powerful ancient Chinese practice based on the premise that the human body is an energy system.  Qi Gong practitioners mirror the movement of nature to awaken the flow of Qi [Life Force/Prana]. This unique practice is composed of tension-releasing stretches, graceful moving meditations and nature-inspired standing postures, all harmonized with balanced breathing and a present, clear mind. The intention of the practice is to cultivate clean, fresh, flowing BIG Qi and to promote a long healthy life.


We are all part of the Five Element Cycle and each of these elements is illuminated within us. Each one connects to an internal organ [Metal/Lungs-Water/Kidneys-Wood/Liver-Fire/Heart-Earth/Spleen] + a body system, and both positive & negative emotions.  The Five Element practice is a classic Taoist method for cleansing, elevating, balancing & circulating fresh Qi through these five major yin organs of the body.  Breathe deeply, raise your energetic vibration and empower a direct connection to the universe & nature, by tapping into your ‘life-force’ potential.




i)              Kula Cultivationthe alchemy of community

ii)            Awaken BIG Qi simple energy awakening Qi Gong exercises

iii)          The Five Element Reservoirs of Energy • what, where, how

iv)           The Five Element Flowa 70min ‘Rejuvination’ Qi Gong Flow

v)             The Five Element 20min Healing Sounds Meditation  


*This is an all-levels workshop that is open to all students.  No equipment required.  Come in comfortable clothing and expect to explore deep breathing, gentle, mesmerizing flows and be prepared to celebrate the sparkle of BIG Qi*


Earlier Event: February 11