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The Magic Of Dragons • Tofino, BC

  • Coastal Bliss Yoga Tofino, BC (map)

the MindChill Collective presents:

The Magic of Dragons • a synergy of Hatha & Taoist yoga

This all-levels, 2hr Immersion Workshop is a synergy of Hatha & Taoist yoga designed to awaken the flow of Life Force through a gentle, mesmerizing, moving meditation.  Taoist yoga can be defined as an expression of standing Yin yoga where the art of effortless power is discovered through calming, rhythmic flows combining breath with movement.  The Magic of Dragons is inspired by the teachings of Paul & Suzee Grilley & Yin yoga Sensei Bernie Clark.  This ‘Dragon Fuego Flow’ is an exploration of Qi through various Taoist and Hatha dragon-inspired flows & stretches. Supported by mellow and uplifting backbeats, this is the perfect opportunity to experience the sparkle of Qi and give your mind, body and soul some much-deserved ZEN.

Workshop at a glance:

Part 1 • Discussion - Discovering a deep connection to sensation through Qi Gong [Taoist Yoga]

Part 2 • Feel the Force - A Big Qi Awakening - an exploration of various Qi invigorating exercises that allow us to feel and sense the energy in the body.

Part 3 • 70min Dragon Fuego Flow

Whatever your walk of life – whether you be a self-proclaimed couch potato, athlete, desk-jockey, seasoned yogi, starving student, gym junkie, or video game addict, YOGA IS FOR YOU. Never losing sight of the rich traditions of yoga’s origins, Cam & Wes draw from a wealth of different inspirations; from martial arts to breakdancing, from qi gong to donkey kong, from kirtan to rock’n roll, from meditation to wild celebration, you will always be surprised by what these Yoga rogues are going to cook up with each adventure on the mat!

This workshop is open to all levels of practice: whether you’re a seasoned practitioner or brand new to the wonderful world of yoga, get your yogi toes out to ONLY LOVE for a taste the liberated bliss of an open heart.

Date: Thursday, Sept. 28th •   Location: Coastal Bliss Yoga

Time: 6.30-8.30pm•  Cost: $35- + GST

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