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Victoria Yoga Conference

  • University of Victoria 3800 Finnerty Road Victoria, BC Canada (map)

The boys of Mindchill are thrilled to be a part of the 2017 Victoria Yoga Conference! Join us in February for a full dose of the Mindchill experience!

THE TAO OF MINDCHILL * SATURDAY, February 11th at 2:30pm with Wesley & Cameron

In the first half of this workshop we will explore & deconstruct the gentle, fluid magic of Qi Gong inspire postures. This ancient Eastern system coordinates slow flowing movement with deep, rhythmic breathing leading you into a profoundly calm & meditative state of mind as you cultivate Big Qi. In the 2nd half we will transition into our Qi-Glow-Flow where we merge these Qi Gong elements with classic Yin Yoga asanas. This unique fusion of East meets West is a beautiful synergy of the transformative magic of both worlds, intended to give you the experience of genuine harmony - a life in balance. 

STAR DUST GLOW FLOW * SUNDAY, February 12th at 10:00am with Cameron

A patient & powerful exploration of a flow-based practice. 

Every heavy element in your body - carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, etc. - had to have been forged in the belly of an exploding are literally made of star dust! Within each of us is the remnant glow of a supernova, just waiting to be reignited. In this thoughtful and playful class led by Cameron, you will sweat and smile as you awaken your body’s stellar memory by slowing down the normally vigorous vinyasa practice. We will take our time to explore the universal principles of precise alignment, core activation, intentional breath linked with movement, and powerful concentration as a means to light the spark. And throughout the class (of course) Cameron will riff about space, time, galaxies, black holes, and all the magnificence that is the Universe! Join in the fun and let yourself shine!

This class is open to all levels of practice: whether you're a seasoned practitioner or brand new to the wonderful world of yoga, get your toes to STAR DUST GLOW FLOW for a taste of the illuminated bliss that comes from slowing down!

ONLY LOVE * SUNDAY, February 12th at 2:30pm with Wesley

ONLY LOVE is a unique 'all levels' yoga workshop where we take our time and explore the mysteries of that most wonderful of organs-the human heart. Through the art of pranayama, mudra and asana, we will dive deeply into a playful and heartfelt journey
on the yoga mat blending both Yin and Yang styles of practice, this is a yogic
match made in heaven. Through the balance of the sweetness of Yin Yoga
and the spiciness of mindful 'slow flow' Vinyasa you’ll fall madly in love with your
experience of being alive! Expect to breathe deeply, release powerfully, and sweat joyfully.