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  • Semperviva City Center 110-1985 West Broadway Vancouver, BC Canada (map)

Join the Mindchill gang for this 3hr, ‘all-levels’, workshop where we celebrate your inner ROCK STAR and explore creativity on the mat. Radical Authenticity is a journey into the freedom of a customised practice.

Each of us is unique, and each of us has our own experience both on and off the mat. Take your Yoga to new dimensions of personal growth and insight by tailoring the postures to suit your own body. Rather than using your body to ‘get into’ the postures, explore playing with the postures to ‘get into’ your body.

Unleash your hidden potential by honouring what is true…feel the luxurious bliss that comes from being authentically you!


  • KULA CULTIVATION: we are all Rock Stars!
  • THE ART OF MODIFYING: how to adapt your practice to tap your inner power.
  • THE ‘ISNESS’: meditation on presence.
  • I JUST WANNA ROCK! A 75min Fusion Flow: putting it all together on the mat

 Whatever your walk of life – whether you be a self-proclaimed couch potato, athlete, desk-jockey, seasoned yogi, starving student, gym junkie, or video game addict, YOGA IS FOR YOU. Never losing sight of the rich traditions of yoga’s origins, Cam & Wes draw from a wealth of different inspirations; from martial arts to breakdancing, from qi gong to donkey kong, from kirtan to rock’n roll, from meditation to wild celebration, you will always be surprised by what these Yoga rogues are going to cook up with each adventure on the mat!

This workshop is open to all levels of practice: whether you’re a seasoned practitioner or brand new to the wonderful world of yoga, get your yogi toes out to ONLY LOVE for a taste the liberated bliss of an open heart.