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The Tao of MindChill • Vancouver, BC

  • Semperviva Sea Studio #200-1333 Johnston Street Vancouver Canada (map)


 Bring some much-deserved Yin into your Yang in this delicious, all-levels workshop with Cameron Gilley & Wesley Salter. Embark on this one-of-a-kind journey where East discovers synergy with the West, as we infuse the more classic Western Yoga flow with the naturalistic elements of Eastern Taoist Yoga.

 In the first half of the workshop we will explore and deconstruct the gentle & fluid magic of Qi Gong inspired postures. This ancient Eastern system coordinates slow flowing movement with deep, rhythmic breathing meant to lead you into a profoundly calm and meditative state of mind as you breathe into flow and celebrate the sparkle of Qi.

 In the second half of the workshop we will transition into our 'Qi Sparkle Flow' where we merge the Qi Gong elements with the more classic asana based Western style of Yoga. This will be a creative flow of postures, culminating in juicy, long holds of a few delicious Yin postures. Then we top this all off with the deep integrative rest of an extended Savasana.

 This unique fusion of East meets West is a beautiful synergy of the transformative magic of both worlds, intended to give you the experience of genuine harmony - a life in balance.


 Part 1 • Kula cultivation + whimsical revelation

Part 2 • Moving Qi • Taoist Yoga Explored

Part 3 • 90 minute  'Qi Sparkle Flow'

 Join Wes and Cam as they cultivate deepened inhales and exhales and help you to invite peace and calm into your Yoga experience. Supported by mellow and uplifting back beats, this is the perfect opportunity to give your mind, body and soul some much needed ZEN...

 ***Warning.....expect sweet beats, sweaty smiles, deep stretches FUN.*

Registration/Details • Celebrate the Qi Gong Sparkle