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Victoria, BC • JELLO • A harmony of opposites with Cameron Gilley & Wesley Salter. One day, two workshops.

  • Hemma Home of Yoga & Acupuncture 1274 May St. Victoria Canada (map)

Hemma • The Home of Yoga & Acupuncture presents:

Workshop #1 • GET THE FUNK OUT 1-4pm

Detoxify with a patient, fun, powerful and sprited exploration of a flow-based practice with Cameron Gilley & Wesley Salter

It's CLEANSING time for the body, mind and soul!  Experience DETOXIFYING yoga from the inside out.  This 3hr, all-levels, workshop is focused on purging the body of the 'funk' that builds up in our systems.  Launch into this spring season with Cam & Wes as we explore various cleansing and purifying yoga mudras, pranayama techniques and asanas.  With time spent de-constructing these simple yet very effective yoga tools, we'll then work these techniques into a 90min 'Get Funkified' fusion flow to melt away the 'FUNK' and fire up vibrant health and well-being. 


Part 1 • Kula cultivation + whimsical revelation 

Part 2 • Mudras, bandha’s & pranayama techniques deconstructed.

Part 3 • A 90 minute ‘Get Funkified’ fusion yoga flow (Hatha + Vinyasa + Kundalini)

This workshop is open to all levels of practice: whether you're a seasoned practitioner or brand new to the wonderful world of yoga; if you aspire to learn, to laugh, to sweat and to feel your best, then get your yogi toes to this workshop and GET THE FUNK OUT.

**Warning.....expect sweet beats, sweaty head bands, deep stretches, & FUN.**

Workshop #2 • CHILLAX • the gift of Yin Yoga • 6.30-8.30pm

Welcome to the ‘CHILL ZONE’. An all-levels, delicious, 2hr yin yoga adventure.  Embark on this journey of ‘growing younger’ as we nourish our connective tissues, promote & restore the flow of chi + calm the nervous system.  We’ll weave in & out of juicy yin postures – exploring long held, static poses, as we cultivate deepened inhales and exhales and invite peace & calm into our yoga experience.  This passive style of yoga is a beautiful compliment to your more yang style active practices (and lifestyles).  Supported by soothing & tranquil back beats, this is the perfect opportunity to give your mind, body & soul some much needed ZEN. 


Part 1 • Nectar of Stillness. Breath burden revelation. 

Part 2 • Yin pranayama + guided meditation.

Part 3 • A 75 minute ‘Mellow Jello’ Yin yoga journey.

This workshop is open to all levels of practice: whether you’re a seasoned practitioner or brand new to the wonderful world of yoga, get your yogi toes out to MINDCHILL for a taste of the liberating bliss that comes from getting Zen'd out!

**Warning….a deep ‘jello-like’ state of ‘HECK YES!’ is known to occur and is often accompanied by uncontrollable ‘sighs & ahhhs.’**

Get the Funk Out:  $40 Before March 25th / $45 After
Chillax: $30 Before March 25th / $35 After
Both sessions: $65

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