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Nanaimo, BC • MindChill Yin Yoga Workshop @ Moksha Yoga Nanaimo

MINDCHILL: A Mellow ‘Melt-Into-Your-Mat’ YIN YOGA Exploration
With Guest Teachers Cameron Gilley and Wesley Salter
Saturday October 4th  2:00-5:00pm
Cost: $45- • Early Bird Discount 15% for Pass Holders


Welcome to the ‘ZEN ZONE’. A delicious, all-levels, 3-hour, Yin yoga exploration for yogis who crave LESS DRAMA and MORE ZEN. A workshop for the yogi who is looking to de-stress, let go and unburden themselves from the ‘stuff’ that isn’t working in their lives. On this MIND CHILL journey we will cultivate a deeper sense of compassion & calmness by nourishing our connective tissue, promoting & restoring the flow of chi (energy), calming the nervous system…ultimately, GROW YOUNGER.The workshop will be broken down into two parts:

Part 1 (90 mins) • Thought provoking conversation (Kula, Understanding Yin in a Yang world), whimsical revelation (Yin poses deconstructed) and of course breathe discovery & guided meditation.

Part 2 (90 mins) • a 90 minute ‘Zenification’ Yin yoga class where we explore long held, static poses, and strive to cultivate deepened inhales and exhales as we invite full relaxation into our yoga experience. This passive practice is a beautiful compliment to your more yang style active practices. Supported by mellow & tranquil soundtrack, this is the perfect opportunity to give your mind, body & soul some much needed CHILL.